• What services does Theonlyphoneyouneed site offer?
    Our site offers all information about devices such as jewelry, watches, and smartphones. The information includes phone specifications such as storage, size, camera power, and other features. Our site enables you to choose the best gadget.
  • Can I get offers on your site?
    Yes. We always advertise gadgets that have offers. We always list the information on the site if a phone is on offer. We provide links to the sites that sell the devices.
  • Do you sell mobile phones?
    Our site does not sell any devices. For example, we do not sell mobile phones, jewelry, or computers. We only offer information on prices, coupons, and gadget specifications from various companies. 
  • Do you unlock phones?
    We don’t have any information about the unlocking process. However, you are welcome to ask us about various unlocked phones and their costs.
  • Do you offer advice on the type of phone that I can buy?
    We do not answer anything about the phone that you should purchase. Instead, our site gives you important information that helps you compare gadgets.
  • What if your phone or product descriptions have an issue?
    If the phone descriptions are incorrect, you can email us. We will make corrections right away.
  • Who posts reviews on your site?
    The clients that have used our information as a guide to purchasing devices. When they find a good phone fitting the specifications on our page, they post reviews on our page.
  • Do the reviews help future clients?
    Client reviews help future clients when they are shopping for a device. You should drop a review on our site if you use the information to find a good phone.
  • If my phone has a problem, can I send it to your offices for repair?
    No, our site does not repair or upgrade any device. We only offer details about smartphones.
  • How can I filter categories on your phone-finding site?
    With the recent upgrades in mobile technology, many sites are offering to attest information that captures consumers’ attention. Every site tries to outdo the others by offering intricate details, such as giving information on high-quality mobile devices. These include providing on-screen information displays, higher quality processors, the thickness of the device, and connectivity features. A wide variety of information on technology and even software capabilities are always available on our site. Unfortunately, all these new features and myriad phone improvements with every new design make it difficult to filter every feature into unique categories. However, you can make a note and search for all the features using our “Search” tab at the top of our page. You only need to type the keyword, and the information with the relevant term will pop up. The information will include the phones that have that keyword associated with them.
  • What if some terms are missing from your glossary list?
    You are welcome to notify us about the missing words. We would like to update our glossary and enable you and other users to make an informed decision. You can also inform us if we have misspelled words on our list and how we can update the same. The best way of informing us is by getting to the contact us page and sending the information. 
  • How can I determine if the mobile phone works in my resident country?
    We are building a comprehensive Coverage Guide that comes in handy to help in such cases. Once we make the guide, you can learn about the phones that operate in various countries. When the guide is available on our page, you will use it to learn about the phones that you can use in particular regions. 
  • I see a mobile phone with a good rating but not on the top page. Why is this so?
    Only the phones we have listed as “Available” and have more than 1000 votes are on the Top 5 phones list. 
  • Some information in your catalog list is not right. Why the discrepancy?
    Our company gathers information from the manufacturer’s websites. Some of the details could have been outpaced with time. In the mobile technology industry, several innovations are made with time. Sometimes, an innovation makes so much data irrelevant. However, we try to update the information daily to ensure that all our clients get the best information. If you get incorrect data on our page, you are free to send us an email to enable us to correct it. We value your input, and we appreciate your help.
  • I want to own an iPhone X, but I cannot find the right information on your page. What is your advice?
    Ensure that you check if the device is listed on the top pages. It is vital to remember that some of the latest models in the market do not have much information. The manufacturer may not have listed all the necessary information on their site. That is why we have scanty information on some of the newest products in the market.  Sometimes, manufacturers offer vague release timeframes for their mobile devices, and most of the time, they do not stick to the agreements. This action of giving the wrong information is disappointing. Along the same line, we also miss the right updates on our site. You should know that when we get the right information, we will update it on your site accordingly.
  • How many stores have you listed on your site?
    We have listed various stores, such as eBay and Amazon. Furthermore, we have connected our site to Jabong.com and Flipkart, which enables you to know about the latest offers on all electronic products. In addition, we have also enlisted PayFm, which allows you to get cash backs when you purchase a phone.
  • Can I get a free membership?
    Yes. Once you enroll for membership, its I always free.
  • What happens when I forget my password?
     When you forget your password, you can go to the option you can go to the homepage and ask for a new password. For example, you will go to our page Theonlyphoneyouneed.com, and under the login tab, you pick the option of “forgot password” and have an option to request a new password on the home page.
  • I have not yet received a password.
    No password? Then, you may not have yet registered with our site. Alternatively, you may not have activated your account. Ensure that you have already registered with our site.  
  • The password I created wasn’t accepted.
    You need a strong password, and it should not have any spaces between the words. If you copy-paste the password, it will be rejected. You can create a strong password by compiling small and upper letters plus symbols and numbers.
  • How can I change my password/e-mail address?
    When you want to change your password, go to the Theonlyphoneyouneed homepage, log in, and click on “My Page.” You can use the same process also to change your email address.
  • Can I cancel my membership at Theonlyphoneyouneed?
    Yes, you can terminate your membership. Go to the “My Page” tab and click on “Cancel Membership.”
  • How do I unsubscribe from Theonlyphoneyouneed Newsletter?
    Please visit our site, then go to the bottom of the newsletter. Click unsubscribe, and it will be done.
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